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If you’re not confident of dealing with the clients, or otherwise if your clients want a strong Internet Marketing brand name, then you should consider joining the eMerchant Franchise network Becoming a eMerchant Web Technologies franchisee has its benefits; the best one being you can only send your initial lead to eMerchant and we will take it up from there. Our expert online promotions team will positively convert the lead to a sale. Right from lead conversion, to customer support and up to maintenance, we take charge of every affair.

Take a look at the number of benefits of being a eMerchant Franchisee.

Pre Sales Support

our well equipped SEO team will provide support and handle all customer queries

Complete Confidentiality

We take confidentiality as the very foundation stone of Private Label SEO Services. This is why we have set procedures and guidelines to protect your interests. When communicating with the client our SEO team will always use your brand name.

Priority Support

Partners in our Private Label SEO Services are eligible for priority support from our SEO team. Any queries that you may have will be resolved as quickly as possible.

Private Label Reporting

All reports that are sent to the client are customized to include your company’s logo and are given the look and feel of reports coming from your brand.

The eMerchant Technologies, a strong name in SEO is attached to your company.

Pre-sales support team provided by us allow you to focus only on client meetings and on closing sales.

Our past work and testimonials help you sign up clients.

Access to marketing and sales materials.

Market exclusively to one specific region.

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