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Franchise Opportunities

The eMerchant is offering a unique opportunity to expand your forays into the world of Digital Media Marketing Technologies. The purpose of this opportunity based on Digital Media Marketing Franchise Partners, Resellers and Channel Partners perspectives, to engage in e-business, their advantages and their particular benefits.

Our Franchise program will surely guide you to set up satellite sales offices to generate more and more business.

We believe in providing proficient and timely service, building trust, and offering 24 hours support to our partners. Looking to work with more channel partners and agencies that are interested in Private Label Search Engine Marketing services.

Come and Join our hands and make an adept use of our brand name and the top quality work set up to make ensured profits.

Benefits of Franchise

Pre Sales Support: our well equipped technical team will provide support and handle all customer queries Complete


Confidentiality: we take confidentiality as the very foundation stone of Private Label Digital Technology & Services. This is why we have set procedures and guidelines to protect your interests. When communicating with the client our execution team will always use your brand name


Priority Support: Partners in our Private Label Digital Media Services are eligible for priority support from our technical execution team. Any queries that you may have will be resolved as quickly as possible.


Proven Revenue Model: all reports that are sent to the client are customized to include your company’s logo and are given the look and feel of reports coming from your brand. PLUS share exclusive revenue % as premium share.




The eMerchant will offer both a high level of support and extensive training for any new Channel Partner and their employee

  • The eMerchant Technologies, a strong name in Digital Media is attached to your company.
  • Cost - effective, high quality digital media services will be provide.
  • Our past work and testimonials help you sign up clients.
  • Access to marketing and sales materials.
  • No hassles of renting space or hiring people.
  • Market exclusively to one specific region.
  • The eMerchant will offer both a high level of support and extensive training for any new Channel Partner and their employee

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