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Who we are

The eMerchant an ecommerce Company. Established in India in 2006, we have been providing professional web design / development and promotion services to hundreds of clients. Wishing to see your online ideas turning to reality.

Based in Hyderabad, the happening city of India, The eMerchant is dedicated to bringing the power of 'big' business systems to smaller businesses who want to contend in today's Internet market.

Until recently, only larger organizations could afford to make full use of the power of the Internet for sales and marketing purposes. Now, the advent trends of technology, we at the eMerchant have that such EDGE solution for, organizations of any size can:

  • Manage their own website
  • Use email for marketing
  • Keep in touch with customers and prospects through email newsletters
  • Use the Internet to promote their business and find new customers.
  • Sell their products and services
  • Lead generation

The eMerchant has been established to help businesses of all sizes to plan and implement their own Internet marketing strategy.

We are constantly working to make sure that we have the skills, service offerings and partners, so our customers can make the right choices to ensure their success.

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